Polling has closed in Afghanistan's presidential election amid complaints about technical issues, pockets of violence and some irregularities that marred the process, such as registered voters not finding their names on voting lists. Nonetheless, the IEC chief Hawa Alam Nuristani told TOLOnews on Saturday evening that despite security and technical problems, “we had a good election.”

According to security officials there were attacks or other incidents in 13 provinces, including Kabul, and five people were killed and 76 were wounded. Most incidents involved rockets fired at polling centers.

There were complaints by voters about the biometric devices, which occasionally didn’t work—because of operator error or the device itself—and in some cases this caused delays, but there were back up devices reportedly available in case of technical issues, and there were technical people manning help lines, according to the IEC.  

The most often heard complaint was that people who were registered voters—many had voted in the parliamentary elections—were not allowed to vote because their names were not on the current lists.

The IEC has yet to release any numbers of the day’s result.

“Holding a healthy and credible election is part of the collective efforts of all involved parties and our thoughtful and tactful people,” said IEC chairperson Hawa Alam Nuristani.