Born: November 1, 1964

Province: Panjshir

Ethnicity: Tajik

Massoud was born in 1964 in Kabul and runs the Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation; he is the brother of the national hero Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Ahmad Wali Massoud got his master’s degree from Westminster University, in London in 1989.

He has served as Afghanistan’s ambassador to the UK, special representative for Ahmad Shah Massoud in Europe, and as the representative of the Jamiat-e Islami Party in London. He is the founder of a political party called Nahzat-e-Melli-ye Afghanistan (National Movement Party of Afghanistan).

His running mate for first vice president is Farida Mohmand, a former Minister of Higher Education, and his running mate for second vice president is Abdul Latif Nazari, a university lecturer.