Born: 1941

Province: Kandahar

Ethnicity: Pashton

He graduated from Habibia High School and received a military education from the Kabul Military Academy. Ulumi has degrees in military education from the US and the USSR.

He served as a trainer in the Army’s High Training Center for 11 years.

Ulumi has also worked in different military positions such as chief of staff, acting commander of Military Corps No. 1, commander of Military Corps No. 2 in Kandahar, and head of irregular forces for the southern zone of the country.

He served as the Minister of Interior in the beginning of the National Unity Government in 2014.

He revived the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) under the National Unity Party of Afghanistan, and is executive chief of this party.

Ulumi also served as representative for Kandahar in the parliament’s 15th legislative term,  and served as interior minister under the National Unity Government.

Political analyst Bashir Bezhan is his running mate as first vice president and Mohammad Naim Ghayor is his running mate for second vice president.